Saturday, February 18, 2012

Posten Pulls Through for a Touchdown

It's here.  My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer came yesterday.  Incredibly fast, in my opinion, these posten people have their act together.  My husband says, it's only a couple hundred miles, why are you so impressed.  I'm easily impressed, I guess. It's sitting in my kitchen now, yelling "Stare at me, Stare at me!"  I'm trying to determine what I will make with it first... I got lots of ideas but most revolve around sweets, and I've notice this new bulge around my mid section so think I need to cut them out.  Worst timing possible, I know.  humm,  what to make?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KitchenAid, Heck Yah

New Years Resolution #2: Buy the ever illusive Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Use it to make lots of things from scratch, including: a cake, cinnamon rolls and ground beef.  Find it a wonderful prominent place on my counter, for me to stare at with glee whenever I walk past the kitchen. 

This has been along time coming. I first decided I wanted one ages ago; well maybe not that long time.  I wanted one for a wedding present, so 9 months ago.  I wanted one since I borrowed my grandma's to make the best layered cake I've ever made.  With mom's help, of course.  I know some people swoon over this mixer for years and never get their hands on one.  For me, 9 months seemed like an eternity.

The stand mixer is half the price in the USA, but my hubby said "Nope, we get one overseas so it's 220-240V. We aren't having a voltage convertor in the kitchen."  Then we are in Norway,  and they cost so so so much.  How much, 6000NOK retail, which is about $1,000.00 USD; for something that costs $275 - $350 in the USA. 

So for Christmas I am to get my Stand Mixer, actually after Christmas in post-Christmas sales.  Then nowhere really put them on sale.  So no Stand Mixer.

Then, my parents are coming, my parents are coming. Out of the blue, next week already!  So I bought my hubby a meat grinder for the stand mixer, in the USA.  He said he wanted one,  for our new stand mixer, that we hadn't purchased yet...  So I might as well have my parents bring it over, as it's less than half price in the USA. Well, obviously under pressure, due to my initiative to start purchasing accessories for a device we don't own.  He bought one online.  It was a bit over 4000NOK; so 33% off of Norwegian retail with shipping.  Only double that which we would have paid in the USA. 

Today I was blessed with tracking numbers.  How excited am I?  This is how I explained it to my sister on facebook chat:

yah, got tracking numbers
i'm the s**t
i'm aweseome
i have something every housewife wants
a sexy man and a machine that can make cakes!
i am the s**t
yes i am
sh*t sh*t sh*t
that is me
Ok, It's been a long time coming. Forgive my enthusiasm.  I can not wait to fulfill my resolution.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to pick out the American?

How to find your own among a sea of Vikings?  A game for those yanks abroad.

1) White Trainers (or as the Yanks say, Tennis Shoes)? with Socks?  Do they look like they are going to the gym, but they aren't.  Clear sign #1.

2) Big Shiny New Baseball Caps.  Do they look like a walking billboard for a sports team, brands or places they have visited? Are they supporting their employer, does it say #1 DAD?  Yah, no one else does that.  Just Americans.  The rest of the world wear sunglasses, by the way.

3) Affiliated Coats.  Walking billboard, once again.  Are you advertising people?

4) Crocs.  According to 99% of the world outside of the USA, Crocs are for gardening.

5) Overly Casual.  In T-Shirt & faded Jeans when everyone else is in Khaki's or Crisp Dressier Jeans & Polos or Button Downs.

 6) Camouflage.  Enough said.

 7)  Pump up the Volume.  Can you hear him/her the whole way across the restaurant?  Typical new-to-abroad American trait.  You can't hear the very intense conversation at the table just 2 feet away from you; but you can hear every word the American is saying the whole way across the room. Yah, be shhh....  Tone it down, lady.

8)  Complaining about things being different than home.  America is only the greatest country in the world, if you are from America or trying to immigrate there.  There is nothing wrong with things being a bit different.  If they are complaining about the smallest of differences, yah probably American.  Example of an American at a cafe:  "Why is there no sugar and milk for my coffee?,  Why is the service so slow?,  Why is it so expensive?  I shouldn't have to pay for water and ice.  Bring me Tap Water. In America these things are free.  In America the service is better, in America....  blah blah"  You get the point.

9)  Fanny Packs. Big no no.  Would you wear one at home, then why do you wear one here?'

10) Cannot use their knifes and forks without switching hands and having to put them down constantly.  Americans!, look around, there is a better way.

I do some of these things, I am loud, I wear my tennis shoes when my feet hurt, I definitely complain.  But, it's ok, because I recognize that I am American.

Hope you have enjoyed the spotting game.  Have a great day!